Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maisie's second Christmas

Maisie's second Christmas was a lot of fun. We celebrated with Aaron's family in Iowa the weekend before.

First we opened presents at Grandma Jo's. Maisie got a lot of great books and toys, including this xylophone shaped like a crocodile. Isn't it cute? She likes playing with it, and we do too... Aaron has figured out how to play the chorus of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" on it. He can also play a bit of "Ode to Joy" and almost all of "Good King Wenceslas." Not bad for a toy xylophone with six notes!

We also visited Grandpa Greg, Peg, and Katherine. As you can see they had many presents under their tree! Unfortunately we weren't able to stay long - we had to drive back so I could get to work the next day, and the weather channel was promising bad conditions. Unfortunately, their predictions were spot-on. It was clear as far as the Iowa-Minnesota border, but once we crossed that, it got really bad. We actually had to stop for the night in Owatonna, about 40 miles north of the border. It was hard to stop so close to home, but the driving conditions just were not safe.

We were fortunate enough to get a room, but had to wait for four hours (!) until it was ready. We put Maisie in her new Christmas jammies that she got from Santa, and read books in the lobby until the room was ready. Can you tell how tired she is in this picture? Once we got into the room, she went right to sleep!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Whew, sorry for the long break between posts! Maisie had a double ear infection, followed by an awful tummy bug, and between them her illnesses pretty well took the wind out of all our sails. But now we're all mostly feeling better, and are getting ready for Christmas!

Aaron got our tree up and decorated, with some help from Maisie. She's fairly interested in it, especially when we have the lights on. Between her and the cats, though, it's hard to keep any ornaments on the lower third of the tree. They just love to pull them off and play with them. So far, though, only one has been broken this season. So we're not doing too badly.

Our big adventure for today was heading to the Mall of America to see Santa. We arrived early, so the line wasn't too long - Santa's hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (long day...), and we got there at 9:30 or so. It was quite cute, I think! She didn't really ask Santa for anything, but did like pointing out the roller coaster and other rides around the park.

All that, AND we managed to get some shopping done, too! It was a good, productive day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another favorite toy!

One of Maisie's favorite toys is this blue bouncy ball.

She thinks it's lots of fun to throw at us. She actually throws pretty accurately! We roll it back to her, so she can catch it and throw it back. She thinks it's lots of fun, and we do too.

We're pretty impressed by how accurately she can throw already, and I am fairly convinced that she is some sort of throwing genius! Not that I'm prejudiced or anything... :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Today Aaron, Maisie and I went out for brunch at the Uptown Bar & Cafe.
Although Aaron and I have been there many times, it was Maisie's first time at the Uptown. It is a real Minneapolis landmark, having been around for many years. All sorts of bands have played there, and it is very popular for breakfast on the weekends. Fortunately, we only had a ten-minute wait... not bad! Maisie liked sitting next to a mirror and playing with the packets of jelly, and she really enjoyed her French toast.

After brunch, Aaron got a haircut while Maisie and I went shopping in uptown. I think we all had a very good time!

Photo call

Yesterday we went over to my mom's apartment. I brought the camera in hopes of getting a cute picture of Maisie in front of her tree that we could use for a Christmas card. Instead, I got a bunch of pictures like this one.

Maisie was way too interested in all the decorations, and would not sit still!

I will keep trying to get a Christmasy pic of her... but if we send out store-bought cards, you'll know why.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tonight Aaron and I were talking about what to have for dinner. He said "can we just go to Jakeeno's? Or something else close?" I happen to love Jakeenos, so we went there.
Fortunately, Maisie loves it too! The light is a little low so the pic is a bit blurry, but she had a really good time at dinner tonight. Jakeeno's serves Italian, so she enjoyed garlic toast and various kinds of pastas. She also got to socialize with various other little children there with their families, as well as with the server.

She ate a lot of pasta and pieces of meatball. All in all, I think she had a good time and a good supper!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun in the car seat

One thing Maisie really likes about her new carseat is that she can reach her feet.

She loves to pull off her shoes and socks, wave them all around, and then throw them around the car. As you can see, she thinks it is hilarious!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Can Maisie pull you up a chair?

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with Gramma J., Caroline, and Joe at Auntie Laura & Dylan's house. It was really lovely! Auntie Laura hosted and made most of the delicious food, but everyone brought something. I made the turkey for the first time, and it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Maisie and Dylan weren't too interested in eating, and spent a lot of time playing while the grown-ups ate and visited.

Well, I should take that back... once Auntie Laura brought out the gingerbread house that she and Dylan made, he got very interested in eating!

His mom said he could have one piece of candy off the house. But Maisie is too little for jawbreakers, so he got to have her piece, too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Science museum

Maisie is going through kind of a rough time right now with teething. It looks like she's getting three teeth on top all at the same time... yikes!

So whether it's due to the teething or for some other reason, she's kind of cranky these days, and we're not taking a lot of happy baby pictures. We do, though, have quite a few stored up that never got posted. This one is from our trip to the science museum last month.

As you can see, Maisie has a good strategy for future games of Risk: start at the southern tip of South America and move north, conquering as you go!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Curly locks

Sometimes people ask me if I think Maisie is going to have curly hair. I'm like, what do you mean, "going to"?

It's not always the easiest to tell from the front, but as you can see here, she definitely has inherited my and Aaron's curls!

This weekend Maisie said her first non-mama, dada, baba words: kitty, meow, and yogurt. I guess you can tell what is important and interesting to her!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Juice box!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately... my new job has been keeping me quite busy, and it's hard sometimes to remember to take pictures of our everyday routines and events. But here's a cute one from dinner tonight.

As you can see, dinner has become a far less messy event than it used to be. Maisie is really insistent on self-feeding, so we cut everything up into little bite-sized pieces and just let her have at it. The only exception is her daily breakfast of yogurt, and even then we have to give her a handful of cheerios so she can eat those herself - or else she'll have her fingers in the yogurt!

Maisie recently discovered the joy of juice boxes. Not only do they contain delicious, delicious juice, but they also have super fun straws! Yay juice boxes with straws! They are even more fun to play with than peas.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Car seat

For Maisie's birthday, we got her a new Big Girl carseat!

She'd been really hating the car for a while. Every time we put her in her rear-facing car seat, she'd scream and fight it. I hadn't been planning on turning her car seat around right at one year, but I thought it had to be better than constant crying every time we got into the car. And as you can see, she really likes her new forward-facing carseat!

It's made car trips much more pleasant for everyone.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birthday fun!

Maisie celebrated her first birthday on Sunday!

Her birthday was actually Saturday, as I am sure most of you know. But Auntie Laura had to work on Saturday, so we had the party on Sunday... at Auntie Laura's house! As you can see, we had plenty of snacks including some beautiful cupcakes from A Baker's Wife, our very favorite local bakery.

Lots of people came to Maisie's party. We counted 30 people who came! I think that's pretty good for a first birthday party, don't you?

Here she is with her Grandma J! There were lots of people there.... it actually got a little overwhelming for her after a while.

She also celebrated with other family members including her Grandpa Greg and Peg, Auntie Laura and Dylan, and my Uncle Emil and Aunt Donna.

At one year, Maisie is a joy and the light of our lives. She is so funny - she loves to play peekaboo and be silly. She always makes us laugh. She is cruising and has taken her first steps, but is a great crawler and seems content to get around that way for the time being. She doesn't have any words yet but understands a lot - she can find noses, eyes, mouths, and hair if you ask her to! ("Where's mama's nose?") She is social and enjoys being around people, although it takes a bit for her to warm up to new people.

She is a great sleeper, and a good eater too with a healthy appetite, and none too picky. Basically, we have a great baby and cannot complain!

Here she is with our friends Christian and Susan.Yum yum, cars!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Our little pumpkin

BOO! Here's a belated picture from Halloween.

We're still dealing with some problems somewhere between the laptop and the camera... but hopefully we'll get them resolved soon.

In the meantime... today is Maisie's first birthday! We had a good day that included buying and installing a Big Girl forward-facing carseat and dinner at the Bad Waitress. Tomorrow we'll celebrate with lots of friends and family!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall fun

Today was a beautiful fall day. We got some much-needed yardwork done, including raking the front yard. Maisie really enjoyed playing in the leaves as Aaron and I raked and bagged.

Where's Maisie?
There she is!!

She had a lot of fun crawling through our leaf piles, as you can see. She pointed out to us all the airplanes as they passed overhead (saying "Dat! Dat!" and pointing), all the cars that drove by ("Dat!), and the pedestrians ("Dat!"). She also practiced her new walking skills, using the gutter downspout to balance. As you can see, that was also a really good time!

We got some much-needed yardwork done, and Maisie had a lot of fun while we did it! We just hope that next year, she can help us rake. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First birthday present

Hey, it's our 100th post! Thanks everyone for following along, and for your comments. They make blogging so fun!

In another milestone, Maisie got her first birthday present today, from her Grandma Jo.

It's this crazy toy schoolbus that she can push in front of her, which we knew she'd really enjoy. She really likes practicing walking, so this is a great toy for her. Plus it sings a catchy little song. What's not to love?

What we didn't figure on is how much she was going to love riding on it! Once we sat her on it and started pushing, we were off to the races!

We pushed her up and down the sidewalk until it was time to go in and eat supper. And when we took her in, she got mad - she did NOT want to stop playing!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Future scientist

This past week was a rough one. Maisie was at home three days, was diagnosed with an ear infection, and is now on antibiotics.

At the same time, she took her first steps! Yay! It happened a little too quickly to catch a picture of it, but hopefully soon we'll be able to post one.

Actually, we're hoping to be able to soon post pictures at all... our camera is being difficult and not wanting to talk to our computer. It makes this whole picture blog business quite difficult. So in the meantime, here's a picture from our visit to the Science Museum today!

Maisie loves to type, so we let her type our name on our Scientist badge. That's why we're "4eww."

We really took much better pictures while we were there, but they're trapped on the camera! So for now, you've got the silly photobooth group portrait.

The science museum was a ton of fun, by the way, and we ended up buying a family membership. Maisie especially enjoyed investigating the Hmong house, crawling around the Mississippi River exhibit, and looking at the bears. So watch this space for more science pictures in the future!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog action day!

Today is blog action day - when bloggers worldwide (webside!) unite to talk about the environment. To put you in the right mood, here's another cute picture of Maisie playing outside.

I wanted to say that one of the easiest things you can do to help preserve the environment is to switch your lightbulbs from regular incandescents to compact fluorescents. They are awesome... they last forever (less purchasing! less shipping! fewer materials used!) and use a teensy fraction of the energy that conventional incandescent bulbs do (less coal burned to power your lightbulbs!). All in all - it's an easy, small change to make for the good of the environment.

Happy blog action day!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy week!

Sorry about the long time between posts! Last week was crazy - my last day at my previous job was Wednesday, and I started at a new firm on Thursday. So far it looks like it's going to be a great fit, but the changes made our week pretty hectic!

We did manage to get outside and play yesterday, though.

It was an unexpectedly beautiful day, 60 degrees and sunny. Aaron did a lot of work yesterday outside, taking down the porch screens and cleaning out the gutters, while Maisie and I played in the yard. She really enjoyed it - there was a lot to see, touch, and hear! In this picture you can tell that she's talking about something... I don't know what, as she doesn't really have any intelligible words yet, but she speaks with real inflection and tone, so you can tell she means what she's saying!

She's aaaaaaaaaalmost walking now, too. She has a push-along walker toy, and yesterday out of the clear blue, she pulled up on it and started walking along, pushing it in front of her! She looks tremendously pleased with herself when she does that. It's so cute.

I'm glad she's not quite walking yet, though. I'm not ready for her not to be a baby!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Beat the heat, take 2

So today was crazy hot, again. Hello, it is October 7 in Minnesota! Why is it 80 degrees out and so grossly humid? Blech. Some folks were out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather - some actually ran the Twin Cities marathon today! - but we caved.

We spent the day indoors, in air conditioning.

We might be weather wimps, but we were cool and comfortable weather wimps!

The forecast for tomorrow: high of 61. Ahhhhhh.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Today was probably one of the last warm days of 2007 here in Minneapolis. Did I say warm? I mean hot! It got up to 85, plus it's been raining all week so it was really humid as well. We coped with the weather by going to a nearby neighborhood park.

Maisie tried out the swings for the first time, and she loved it!

We helped her down the slide a few times, and she didn't seem to enjoy that quite as much as she did the swings. She did like crawling around in the sand that surrounded the swingset.

I don't think I noted her 11th month birthday! She's getting more mobile and interactive every day. At 11 months, she says "mama" and "dada," though without a lot of meaning to them. She is very interested in airplanes, and looks up to find them when she hears them going over... even if we're inside, and she ends up staring at the ceiling. She is almost exclusively eating regular table food now, with only the occasional puree. Maisie has two teeth - bottom front - the top front two are just about in, but not quite yet, and are causing her lots of problems. She isn't quite walking yet, but is working really hard on it. And - knock on wood - she regularly sleeps through the night!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Opinionated baby!

Maisie has lately been growing very... opinionated. And vocal. She used to be very tractable, but lately, if she doesn't want to do something, she'll let you know in no uncertain terms. For instance, tonight when we were driving, she did NOT want to be in her carseat. She screeched at the top of her lungs all the way from Target to home.

This has become especially true during diaper changes, for some reason. As soon as we put her down on the changing table, she starts screaming and kicking. She hates it!

The only way to keep her calm is to give her a toy, or a bottle, to distract her. It'll work for a few minutes. But as you can probably tell from the look in her eyes... it won't last.

I'm not sure if she's just an opinionated baby, or if this is a glimpse of the toddlerhood ahead of us.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Book shopping

We all knew that Maisie likes books. But today she discovered the joys of book shopping.

We went to BookSmart today, a great new & used book store in uptown Minneapolis. Maisie first browsed in the Food/Food Writing section, showing some interest particularly in Anthony Bourdain. She then moved on to music. She tried to read the copy of Heavy Metal you can see in this picture, but it was shrink-wrapped so she couldn't open it.

We stopped her when she got to first editions & collectables, though!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Skoal Vikings!

Okay, it's been a week since we last posted on here. This week has been very busy, so we haven't had a lot of time to take cute pictures of Maisie! Plus, she's going through a growth spurt that's causing her to sleep all the time. Seriously, she goes to bed at like 6:15 pm and sleeps until 6:30 am, and then takes three naps during the day. When she is done with this growth spurt she is going to be three feet tall. But in the mean time, there's not much time to take pictures of her.

We've also got a super busy weekend coming up, and I don't know how much picture-taking will happen. So to tide you over, here's a picture from last weekend.

I think this picture is hilarious, although Aaron thinks we both look really annoyed. Maisie looks like she is saying "Come on and take the picture already, Dad!!" You can really see how blue Maisie's eyes are, and how long her hair is getting.

As you can see, I'm wearing my Vikings jersey! This weekend the Vikings are playing the Packers at home, and Aaron's friend Emily is taking me to the game! I am SO exited; it's a huge rivalry and it's always a really good game.

We can't wait to see you, Emily!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dinnertime smiles

Maisie really enjoyed herself at dinner tonight, as you can see!

She enjoyed a tasty meal of edamame and blueberries. Yum yum! Maisie is generally a very good eater, and hasn't rejected many foods that we've offered her. But she especially likes meals where she can feed herself - so much so that when we give her yogurt or purees, we have to make sure she has cheerios, or else she'll grab the spoon and wave it all around. She hasn't really figured out how to use utensils yet. So in that respect as well, the blueberries and edamame were a real hit!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday celebrations

One thing I love about the Twin Cities is all the random little neighborhood festivals that spring up during the spring/summer/fall. Today we went to two of them!

We started out at Woofstock in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. As you can probably guess from the title, this is a celebration of all things doggy.
We're not huge dog people, as you probably could've guessed, but our friend Brian has adopted two retired racing greyhounds and is really active in that community, so we went to say hi to him and his boys, Boogie and Crash. (Boogie is the black one, and Crash is the brindle.) As you can see, Boogie was exhausted by all the goings-on. Fortunately Crash is kind enough to let Boogs rest his head on his back. They are such sweet dogs. If we were ever thinking about getting a dog, we'd seriously consider adopting a retired racer.

After Woofstock we headed home. It was naptime, but Maisie refused to sleep! So we strollered up to a random little neighborhood celebration not too far from our house. There was a bounce house for the kids, sidewalk sales, deals on cones at our favorite ice cream place, and even a really cool taiko drumming performance.

Too bad Maisie slept through it all! She even missed out on the ice cream, one of her favorite treats. She fell asleep about two blocks from home, slept through the whole walk (including the taiko drums), and woke up again when we were about halfway home.

Oh well, it's not a bad thing. Aaron and I enjoyed a nice walk, and Maisie definitely needed the sleep more than she needed the ice cream.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maisie & Aaron's week

Maisie's daycare provider took this week off. My supervisor is out on medical leave, so Aaron's staying home all week with her.

Even though it's been seasonably (or even unseasonably!) chilly out, they've had a good time so far - lots of strollering around the neighborhood in the afternoons, going to the park to see ducks and stopping by friends' houses. Yesterday they went to our community library to check out the kids' room. They've also had fun at home reading books and playing with the kitties.

A particular favorite game of Maisie's these days is the chase game. It's pretty straightforward - Aaron "runs" from the living room to the bathroom, to Maisie's room, to the kitchen, while Maisie crawls madly after him, laughing the whole way. When she finally catches him in the kitchen it starts all over, only in reverse.

Mondays are always difficult. But I think this coming Monday will be harder for Aaron than most. Even though it's been hard work, who'd want to go back to the office after spending a whole week at home with Maisie?

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this blog that Aaron and I both love to read. We definitely hoped to pass our love of reading on to Maisie, and are happy to see that it seems to be taking!

We've made a real effort to read to her often, and we leave books scattered about with her toys. In the past she would show us a book she wanted us to read to her - most often it was "Yellow Bird" which was a gift from her Auntie Clare. But as you can see here, as she intently analyzes Sandra Boynton's "Not the Hippopotamus," recently she's started "reading" her books by herself - she will sit with them and very seriously flip through the pages and look at the pictures. She isn't interested in help, and will actually get a little angry if you take the book from her to read it aloud. Excuse me, but Maisie was reading that... thank you!

We're hoping it's the beginning of a life-long love of books!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Visiting Iowa + 10 months!

Happy Labor Day, all! We took advantage of the long weekend and went down to Iowa to visit Aaron's family.

We stayed with Maisie's Grandma Jo, who Maisie loves to pieces. Maisie gave Grandma Jo plenty of hugs at every opportunity! It was really cute. Maisie also enjoyed playing with Grandma Jo's toys, including this awesome car. We also got to see Auntie Clare, Auntie Brynna & Uncle Jason, Cousin Nika, and Grandpa Greg, Peg, and Katherine, and had breakfast on Sunday with Aaron's high school friend Emily! Hi Emily! We want you to come visit us!

We came home on Sunday so we were able to relax today, which is Maisie's ten-month birthday. Yay!

We celebrated by going out to Chiang Mai Thai, one of our favorite Uptown restaurants. We shared chicken satay, egg rolls, fried tofu, and toasted coconut ice cream. Maisie particularly enjoyed the satay and the ice cream, as I am sure you can tell.

At ten months, Maisie has lots of skills. She cruises confidently, and has started letting go of her support when she's standing up. She can only stand independently for a second or two... but I think walking is coming soon! She has three signs (milk, more, all done) and is getting very talkative; she can also recognize several words, including "kitty!" She plays peek-a-boo, claps her hands, and loves to give hugs. She finally got some teeth last week... the bottom front two, at the same time. I don't think the top ones are too far behind. And today's discovery: her armpits are ticklish! It's so cute.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm not sure if it's a Minnesota thing, a midwestern thing, or a land of ice and snow thing, but around here, it's pretty standard to take your shoes off inside and leave them by the door. You don't want to track all the melting ice and snow, plus whatever's in it (sand, chemicals, etc....) into the house, y'know.

We leave our shoes by the door on a rug that my aunt Donna made for us for our wedding. It may not be a beautiful use for what's undoubtedly a beautiful rug, but it is useful.

It cracks us up to see Maisie's wee soft-soled slippers there next to our shoes, which seem so huge by comparison! That pair only just still fits - she'll outgrow them soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guess how much I love you?

This picture reminds me of a moment in Guess How Much I Love You, by Sam McBratney. That book is a staple of our bedtime routine around here. If you're not familiar with it, the storyline is pretty much Little Nutbrown Hare trying to tell his father how much he loves him, but Big Nutbrown Hare always manages to one-up his son. It's cute and funny, and if I'm especially overtired or emotional, it can make me cry with its sweetness.

"I love you as high as I can reach," said Little Nutbrown Hare.

"I love you as high as I can reach," said Big Nutbrown Hare.
That is very high, thought Little Nutbrown Hare.
I wish I had arms like that.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chasing the kitties

Maisie's favorite game is to chase the cats around the house.

Into and out of the bedrooms, around the living room, and as seen here, under the dining table.

Pretty soon she'll be too tall, but right now she is still little enough to crawl under the table and then stand up to try to get at the cats, who've taken refuge on the chairs.

If she catches up with them, she tries to pet them, but she gets too excited and ends up pulling out handfuls of their fur, or pulling their tails, as we say "Gentle! Gentle with the kitties, Maisie!" Poor kitties. They're terribly patient. Next weekend we're heading down to Iowa to visit Aaron's family. And to give the kitties a little break.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fussy weekend

Finally posting after a rainy, fussy weekend.

As you might be able to tell from the drool coming out of her mouth, Maisie is finally teething for real. Her two front lower teeth are finally poking through the gum - you can't quite see them yet, but you can feel them. Maisie was cranky the whole weekend, and didn't sleep or eat well. Plus we were housebound by the torrential rain... well, it was a long weekend.

Even though this picture is blurry, I like it because you can see just how much hair she's got. Aaron and I were looking back at some old pictures from January and February the other day, and we were amazed at how bald she was back then! We thought she had so much hair - but look at her now. We may not get her a real haircut for a while, but her bangs are already starting to get into her eyes.

Friday, August 17, 2007


My nephew, Dylan, is all about temporary tattoos these days.

It's not really surprising, I guess; his mom has three tats, and his dad has one (or maybe two) too. Laura usually gets them for Dylan one at a time out of the vending machines at the grocery store. But when Aaron found a pack of 50 pirate-themed temporary tattoos, he knew Dylan had to have them.

Little did we know, however, that we'd all end up wearing them... including Maisie! (I myself am currently sporting a cutlass temporary tattoo on my belly, and you can see Laura's pirate, on her right elbow.)

Maisie's daycare provider Anna laughed and laughed when I showed her Maisie's Jolly Roger this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beat the heat.

This weekend was really, really hot and humid (again...), so we escaped to the Mall.

The Mall of America, a.k.a. the MOA, the Sprawl of America (soon to be even sprawlier with a 5.6 million square foot mixed-use expansion in the works), or simply and elegantly as The Big Mall, is a really popular location when it gets super hot outside. Every time the heat starts creeping towards 90, it seems like half the population of the Twin Cities (and the better part of Iowa, and maybe western Wisconsin too, judging from how crowded it gets) heads there. And why not? It's 4.2 million air conditioned square feet of movie theaters, an indoor park, food, and shopping. Plus, free parking.

We go too... how could we resist?

I mean, even Boba Fett goes to the mall.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Play with your food!

Maisie has started doing this thing recently that is so cute.
She will take whatever she's holding on to, hold it up over her head, tilt her head cutely and laugh and laugh.

Here, you can see, she's doing this with a parsley sprig as she smiles at Aaron.

This was at Salsa a la Salsa in Midtown Global Market this evening. Midtown is one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. The building used to be an old Sears, and stood vacant on Lake Street for many many years. It was totally revamped and is now a marketplace with local restaurants and shops, and is really helping to turn around that part of Lake Street. We had a fun time and a delicious dinner, we ran into our friends Jen and Tristan, and Maisie (typically) made several new friends, smiling at everyone she saw. She also got me to buy her two beautifully embroidered Mexican shirts. They are SO cute (and cheap!); I am sure you'll see pictures of them showing up here soon!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sketti face

When I was pregnant, Aaron and I spent a lot of time wondering what our baby would be like. We figured she'd have curly hair and blue eyes, but beyond that, it was all up in the air. So we'd conjecture based on our own likes and dislikes.

I remember one time we were at Buca di Beppo, a restaurant (for those who haven't been there) that serves family-style delicious, garlicky Italian food. I said to Aaron, "I'm pretty sure our baby will like to eat at Buca."

And although this wasn't at Buca, our first foray into pasta makes me think that I was right! She enjoyed picking up the spaghetti and managed to get a fair amount of it into her mouth. I got some in there, too. I didn't give it to her on a plate, because there's a picture of my sister about this age with a big plate of spaghetti dumped on her head. I did, however, make the rookie mistake of giving her the spaghetti after her bath... oops.

Maisie had her nine-month well child check today. For those following along at home, she's now 27.5" long (50th %ile) and weighs 17 pounds, one ounce (25th %ile). And her head circumference is in the 80th percentile! That's one great big melon she's got!