Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fun with food

We've been enjoying introducing Maisie to solid foods. Her first food was rice cereal, followed closely with bananas. When we feed her bananas she says MMmmm while she eats. It's pretty cute.

She's really been enjoying the cereal and bananas, so we decided to try another food today... sweet potatoes.

They were a hit!

We're not sure what to do next, after she gets used to sweet potatoes... maybe peas? Pears? Apples? Squash? She enjoys fruit but we've heard that giving babies fruit first makes them picky eaters. But on the other hand, she enjoys it and eats it up!

So, what did little babies you know like to eat?

Maybe... FINGERS?

Seriously, though, leave a comment and share your thoughts on first foods.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Morning mayhem

Our weekday mornings tend to be pretty hectic. Aaron has to leave pretty early to catch his bus, so he gets up early. He doesn't have a lot of time, so I get Maisie and myself ready, then drop her at daycare and head off to work myself. It's a lot of rushing for both Aaron and I, and I usually end up forgetting something in my rush to get Maisie and myself out the door so I can get to work at something approaching on time. I get as much ready as I can the night before, but there's always something.

So sometimes when Aaron wants a little extra sleep, and I want a little extra help in the morning, he helps me get Maisie to daycare and then I drive him to work.

This is so nice. One of us can entertain Maisie while the other has time to drink some coffee, brush his or her teeth, make sure lunches are packed, and all those other things that sometimes just don't happen in a morning rush.

It gets me to work about a half-hour later than I normally arrive, and doesn't work every day. But sometimes the non-rushed feeling in the morning is totally worth it.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Supporting doulas

Yesterday was a fun first: Maisie's First Lobbying at the Capitol.

She and I attended a session of the House Health & Human Services committee to support a bill that adds doula care to the Minnesota patient's bill of rights - apparently some hospitals only allow a laboring woman to have one support person with her, so she can't have a doula if she has a spouse or partner who's also there. This would require Minnesota hospitals to allow laboring women to have both a doula and another support person with her.

The bill would also require Medical Assistance to cover doula fees. The idea is that not only is it better for the laboring woman to have a doula, but it's also a cost-saving measure - women who have doulas at their births have fewer epidurals (which are expensive), fewer c-sections ($10-20K more expensive than a vaginal birth), and are more likely to successfully breastfeed (less expensive than formula, and results in healthier babies) than women who do not have doula care. So, covering doula care for low-income women should result in lower costs to the state.

We had a doula at Maisie's birth and we know how valuable her support was. It would be so wonderful if every woman could have that kind of support in labor and delivery.

But lobbying is hard work, and it tuckered Maisie right out.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is here!

Today didn't start out too great - Maisie has been fighting a cold for about two weeks now (a little less than Aaron and I have had it) and woke up with a phlegmy cough. So Aaron stayed home with her, and we took her in to the doctor.

Turns out she has a head cold, but her lungs are clear, so that's good news. Her doctor thinks she'll be on the mend soon, yay! (I hope that means that Aaron and I will be getting better soon too!) Also, she now weighs 14 pounds 8 ounces... she is growing so fast!

Then when I got home from work we all went for a stroll around the neighborhood, because it was a beautiful day.

This picture was taken in our front yard; the tree we're standing under is the one that you can see on the left side of the second picture from the snowstorm just a few weeks ago (the March 4 post). And now, no snow at all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Visit with Grandpa

Maisie's Grandpa Greg came to visit her today!

We haven't made it back down to Iowa since Christmas, and it was a nice day, so he and Peg drove up and spent the afternoon with us. We visited at home for a while and then had lunch at the Longfellow Grill. We had a very good lunch - I really like the food there - and Maisie fell asleep in Peg's arms shortly after this picture was taken.

It was a very nice visit!

Friday, March 16, 2007


My dada always tells me, "Don't eat me! That's what fingers say!"

But they are so delicious! How can I not eat the fingers?? I try to avoid them, but I cannot.

Plus, I work so hard to get them in my mouth... once I finally get them there, I'm chowing down!

You want a knuckle sandwich? I say YES!

Ummmm yumm yummm.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Something new...

Now that Maisie is four months old, her pediatrician has given us the go-ahead to start introducing her to solids.

Today, she tried her first solid - rice cereal.

(It wasn't actually all that solid.)
She seemed to enjoy it, although she was pretty confused at first as to what was going on. She definitely liked chomping on the spoon. About half of what she ate ended up on her bib, clothes, and face. Good thing we had a bath on the agenda for later!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hey, good lookin'!

Maisie's 4 month well child appointment was on Tuesday.
She's 13 lbs, 24.5 inches long, and her head circumference is 16.75". This is all 50th percentile, 75th percentile, and 75th percentile respectively, which is the same as at her 2-month appointment. They really watch to make sure that she's growing at the right rate - staying on the same percentiles - rather than looking at the absolute numbers.

At four months, Maisie loves to be read to. She really enjoys being talked to, singing, and dancing. Her favorite, though, might be looking in a mirror.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

catching up

It's been so long since we updated, and so much has happened!

First, we got a snowstorm! It was really beautiful; despite living in Minnesota, it's been a long time since we had a real blizzard.

Here is a view of our street looking west, along the side of the house. You can see the bushes that border our yard. This is the long side of the yard. You can also see our blue garage, that needed to be shoveled out.

The second picture is the other side of our lot, looking south. It also had to be shoveled out.

Sometimes a corner lot seems like a good idea, and other times? Not so much. We had two snowstorms, each of which dumped about a foot of snow on us. We're still shoveling out from the second one. It happened while I was in DC for a conference so I have not yet had to shovel, ha ha!

Also, Maisie turned four months old yesterday! She has gotten really drooly in the past few weeks. In this picture, she's showing off her newfound ability to blow bubbles - one of her favorite activities.