Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Growing up milestone: lost tooth!

This winter has been neverending. It's so depressing, you guys. We had 50 days in a row of subzero temperatures. 50! We finally broke that streak with a few warmish days last week - all the snow melted off our roof, we managed to excavate our sidewalk and driveway (which were under several inches of compacted snow and ice), and I even got out on my bike once or twice. I thought winter was over, but nooooooooo... last night it started snowing again.

Seriously, it feels like the dawn of a new ice age. I know that all this means, really, is that spring will be about two days long and we'll head straight into summer. We'll go from 30s to 70s within a week. But right now, it's hard to see. It doesn't help that our house has been hit by a nasty cold that's making the rounds... I was sick for almost three weeks. I'm finally, finally over it, and then Ella woke up with a fever and a cough this morning. Poor kiddo!

But regardless of the endless winter, life continues and the girls continue to grow. Here's the latest evidence:

Maisie finally lost her first tooth!

It took long enough - she's almost seven and a half! Maisie's best friend, Ophelia, is two weeks younger and has already lost seven teeth. But Maisie's teeth were late to come in (she had just one tooth on her first birthday), so it makes some sense to me that they'd be hanging around a little longer, too.

It first started wiggling about a week ago, and she finally pulled it out last night. She was pretty excited about the whole thing. "I can't BELIEVE I lost my tooth!!" The tooth fairy brought her $5 in Sacajawea coins, which she was also pretty excited about.

The tooth fairy is now pondering just what to do with that tiny baby tooth, and its sisters that are surely soon to follow. As some friends said on Facebook, one baby tooth is sweet. But a whole jar or box of them? Pretty creepy. Who knows... maybe someone could use them in an art project, or something? Or maybe they'll just end up in the compost bin.

What feels really big and important to me about the lost tooth is that it does really show just how quickly Maisie's growing up. She got kissed by a boy last week (she said, "I just strode away!"), and then this week, a lost tooth. It feels like teenage Maisie is just around the corner. And while I can't wait to see who teenage Maisie turns out to be - I bet she'll be amazing! - it also makes me appreciate those moments where she's still my little girl who just wants to snuggle with her mama.