Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring has faked us out.

Well, a week ago it was 70 degrees out, and we were wearing sunscreen and playing at the Falls. Monday was similarly lovely, and Maisie got to play outside after work.

She investigated our gardening materials, including taking a soil sample - that is, she ate some dirt. Reason Number One why we don't use chemical weedkiller or fertilizer in our yard!

However, the weather quickly changed, and a cold front came through - we even had snow on the ground! It was a big change from last weekend. By today, the high was back into the mid-forties and the sun was out. It was a relatively lovely day, so we decided to go check out the Minnesota Zoo.

The zoo was a good choice: it wasn't too crowded, as it was kind of cool out, but we dressed appropriately and were very comfortable walking around. Here, Maisie and Aaron are checking out the prairie dog exhibit. There was a woman in a group right behind us who was complaining loudly about how awful prairie dogs are: "You take your horse out into the pasture, and then he steps into a prairie dog hole and breaks his leg! They're terrible!" That's as may be, crazy lady, but they're still pretty cute.

Tonight Maisie entertained herself by creating a fort under the dining room table.

She had a grand old time under there. She'd roll her toy car over to Aaron, who'd roll it back. When we'd try to get her out, she'd move the chairs to block us, and laugh and laugh. It was really cute. Note the strap on the chair closest to the camera: that's Maisie's booster seat, because (as I think I mentioned before) she is a big girl who no longer tolerates high chairs. 'Cause those are for babies, you know.

Thanks for your patience, readers! I'll try to be more diligent about posting this week. I know everyone likes to get their Maisie updates in a timely fashion!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring has really sprung

Happy spring, everyone! I know that the season officially started about a month ago. But here in the Twin Cities, the last of the snow has finally melted and the daffodils are starting to poke their shoots through the soil. So, it's finally really spring.

This weekend we spent a lot of time playing outside!

Maisie's dealing with a little bit of a cold, but it was too nice out to stay inside all weekend. Plus, Maisie really loves playing outside. Yesterday we played hide-and-seek around a box elder tree in our backyard.

Today we did all kinds of outdoor activities. I think the most interesting was when we went to Minnehaha Falls and walked all around. We saw the waterfall from the top of the falls, which Maisie thought was really interesting. Then we went down, right to the riverside. Maisie really wanted to walk right into the water, but we wouldn't let her - it was cold, and moving really fast!

Maybe later this summer when it's a little slower, we can go wading there.

But we made up for the totally unreasonable parenting choice by having some raspberry chocolate chip ice cream when we got back up to the top of the falls.

By the way, check out Maisie's cute hat! Her grandma Jo made it for her, out of yarn made out of corn. Isn't that interesting? Maisie really loves the hat - when we saw "Time to go outside!" she'll run to her room to get her hat before we head out the door.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Camera fun

I was trying to take a picture of Maisie playing tonight, but for the first time, she was really interested in the camera. I said, "Sit down, Maisie! Smile for the camera!" She obediently sat, then immediately jumped right up to look at the screen. So we took a self-portrait: Maisie and her mama.

She liked looking at the screen at the pictures we took. It reminded me of how when my mom takes a picture of Dylan with her film camera, he'll immediately demand to see the picture. "It's not that kind of camera," she has to explain. Barring a serious interest in photography, I wonder if Maisie will ever have a camera with actual film?

I think it's funny that digital cameras are what Maisie will immediately think of for "camera," much in the same way that it's funny that she may never see a corded, rotary phone. I wonder what kind of camera she'll use to take pictures of her kids? My phone with camera and email still kind of seems like something out of a James Bond movie to me!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goodbye high chair!

It's funny that I got those two recent videos when I did, because this past week, Maisie said ENOUGH! to the high chair. We'd try to put her in it, but she wasn't having it - she'd kick and scream and basically let us know, in no uncertain terms, that she was not one little bit interested in taking her meals in the high chair.

So this weekend, we got her a booster, with which she is very pleased. She can now sit at the table like the big girl that she is. She was so happy, she even shared her dinner with me.

She loves to feed us little bites of whatever she's eating. It looks like she's saying "Open wide!" It's very cute.

We had lots of fun this weekend, but unfortunately didn't bring the camera! We visited Dylan and Auntie Laura, we visited Brian and his puppies and got to meet Maddy & Ronica (so cute!!), we went to IKEA, and we had brunch at Gramma J's. It was a very busy weekend. Very fun... but very busy too. Maisie hit the hay really early tonight, and I think Aaron and I are going to do the same!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I made Maisie a monkey!

Front view:

I made one with a bright pink sweater for Maisie's cousin-to-be when we were in Iowa, and had to made one for Maisie too. Grandma Jo supplied the yarn. Thanks Jo!

Isn't it cute? I think there might be more monkeys in the works, just as soon as I get some more brown yarn. They work up pretty quickly, and are fun to make. But I have used up all my brown yarn!

The only thing I might change is that I feel like the sweater is kind of short. I keep wanting to tug it down, and that's not really possible. Perhaps this monkey needs some pants.

Side view:

Anyway, overall I really think it turned out well, and am happy with the monkey. Generally I am really enjoying this newfound craftiness. And don't worry - I promise, the next post will have pictures of Maisie, who last weekend learned how to say "hi." I just had to show off my monkey.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We do a lot of laundry

Maisie has discovered the joys of feeding herself.

This video is from breakfast the other day. It's called "yogurt is not a finger food." She's relatively new to using the spoon, which is why I keep remarking on what a good job she's doing with it. She really does, though, don't you think?

This next video is dinner the same day. She's been eating peas and other finger foods by herself for a while now. This, however, is the first time she's tried to drink the peas.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Winter's last gasp

Sorry, Maisie, it's not quite time for planting yet...

Although Spring has truly Sprung most places, here in the twin cities we still have snow on the ground thanks to a huge snowstorm on Monday. Already by Wednesday there's not much left - the high temps have been in the forties yesterday and today, so most of the roads and sidewalks are pretty clear. (And that's without even shoveling!)

But there's still some snow on the ground, especially in shady places like our yard.

The neat thing about this weather is that we can go play outside and run around in the snow without having to get too bundled up, because it's 42 degrees out!

But hopefully, this snowstorm really was this winter's swan song, and spring is on its way. It's been a long winter, and we can't wait to play outside some more. Maisie loves being outside - whenever we ask if she wants to go out, she runs for the door and says OUTS! OUTS!

We are really looking forward to this summer, and all the exploring we'll get to do now that Maisie is mobile and so interested in everything.