Friday, January 18, 2013

Surprise Visit

Aaron had a dentist appointment on February 14 (romantic!), but Dr. Norrlander's office called this morning... they had a cancellation, and would he like to come in? He packed up the girls (Maisie's off school today for a record keeping day) and came downtown. So lucky me, I got to hang out with the girls during Aaron's appointment. I met them at Barnes & Noble, then we went to Angel Food for a donut, and ended up over in by the big fountain in the Crystal Court.

I love it when I get to see them during the day. It's such a fun little interlude and a lovely change of pace from my usual.

(also: my oh my are there a lot of... odd... people hanging around in the Crystal Court during the day. One woman we walked by was talking very earnestly to a tree, and as we passed by, I realized she was cursing it out. She and that tree were not friends. One man saw me reading a book to the girls, and offered to lend us his Bible instead. No thanks, guy!)