Monday, March 30, 2015

Visit to the MIA

Saturday mornings are pretty busy. Twice a month we have Suomi-koulu, and once a month Maisie has Girl Scouts. When those aren't happening, there's a fencing class. This past weekend was fencing, so Ella and I decided to do something different, and took a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts!

We started out with breakfast at a restaurant on Nicollet called the Copper Hen. I had never been there before, but the menu looked good so we decided to give it a try.

Ella told me jokes and drew while we waited for food to arrive.

I must say, the food was really pretty tasty. I had a skillet scramble with roasted root vegetables, mushrooms, and cheddar. Yum! But as good as mine was, Ella was SERIOUSLY excited about her order.

They have a "toast bar," which is $3 for four slices of buttered toast, and you can order different toppings. Ella chose cinnamon sugar, and got her own shaker! She also got scrambled eggs, which she did not put on her toast, but ate on the side. There are a lot of different choices, both savory and sweet, so you could really make some unique toast creations. :)

After we finished eating, we headed down the block to the MIA. Ella plans to be an artist and a scientist when she grows up, and really does enjoy looking at art. (Although she thinks it's weird that there are so many naked people.) She also liked finding her name on a staircase!

We walked all around and looked at different collections. She liked a lot of the contemporary sculptures and installations, was excited to find the Chuck Close that she saw on a field trip to the museum last year, and generally had a lot of fun. Ella also enjoyed imitating some of the poses and pictures we saw:

And she insisted that I do one, too!

It was a really fun morning, and we definitely plan to head back there soon!