Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More art from Maisie

An octopus family:

Maisie likes to draw me pictures to bring to work. I like it too, especially now that I'm working in a somewhat bland cube. Mostly it's a lot of princesses, but every once in a while I get a gem like this one.

But even when the pictures are predictable, they always make me smile!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pictures from this weekend

Last winter was awful. Cold and CRAZY snowy - so much so that the Metrodome collapsed (remember that?). This winter... not so much. I feel like I should write it as "winter," because in my Minnesotan mind, it barely even qualifies as such. I think we had one, maybe two days total where the temperature stayed below zero. Hardly any snow at all, for better (less flooding) or worse (the farmers' fields are going to be super dry). And it's already gotten hot out! We've had a five straight days of record high temperatures, and it looks like today's going to be #6.

But to look on the bright side of climate change, we were able to get out a lot this weekend... that's something, right?

On Saturday Maisie rode a trike from Auntie Laura's house to a nearby park (after a visit to the Children's Museum, if you're wondering what is up with her face).

It was an absolutely beautiful day, and she looked so cute on the red trike, with her color-coordinated dress! If it weren't for the painted face she would've looked like something out of a catalog, or a lifestyle magazine about the joys of simpler living. As it was, she was adorable and so happy and proud to be able to ride so far on the trike.

Sunday was also beautiful. During Ella's nap, Maisie and I went on a bike ride (me on the bike, her in the trailer behind me) that ended up with us at Chris & Rob's Chicago's Taste Authority, a Chicago-style hot dog/pizza restaurant. Once Ella woke up, she, Aaron, and Gramma Liisa came and joined us.

We sat out on the patio and shared tater tots and drank lemonade and enjoyed the beautiful day. This picture was taken before Ella fell while running... she made a perfect four-point landing, skinning both knees, her nose, and her forehead! But she quickly recovered, thanks to Gramma kisses, and some fun bandaids. Now she just likes looking at her scabby knees and telling us that they're getting better.

It was a fun (though busy, and kind of tiring) weekend. If this is what the spring and summer are going to be like... bring it on!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Seeing Stars

Maisie drew this picture for me yesterday.

It's me (in the middle), her, and someone else (not sure who that is on the left!) looking at stars, the moon, and a planet through a telescope. She likes to read and learn about stars and planets, but we've never actually looked through a telescope.

Carleton has open observatory nights every month... I might need to take her down to Northfield for that, to get a REAL look at the stars!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Monday, March 05, 2012

Disney on Ice

I took the girls to Disney on Ice last night. It was completely exhausting, but the girls loved every second.