Monday, February 21, 2011

Ella update!

I meant to do an update when Ella was 18 months. Due to some technical difficulties, it's taken a little longer... she's now 20 months old. Still, here's your Ella update!
At 20 months, Ella's receptive language is awesome. She can understand almost anything you tell her, or ask her to do. Her spoken language is really taking off, too - she's just getting to two-word sentences. Yesterday she said "Read book!" I almost exploded from pride.

Aaron and Ella do art just about every day. She loves finger painting, and knows almost all her colors: boo, lellow, pup-po, wedd, and geen!

Sometimes we visit a coffee shop not too far from our house that has a toy room, and sells juice boxes, cheese sticks, and other kid-friendly snacks.

We are big, big fans of this place!

Ella's also a big, big fan of Maisie... she really loves her big sister!

(and who can blame her?)